Reviving Katy’s Drysink – Shabby Chic Furniture Makeover

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Katy in use

The ‘Katy’ Drysink in use in my shop

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The Katy Drysink was a FUN project!  I acquired this unique piece at a garage sale which I never intended to stop for.  But I’m glad I did, because the seller turned out to be someone I knew (which is not at all unusual in our tiny mountain town of barely 6,000 pop.) and I paid her a pittance for it.

Katy before

Before! I had taken the drawers out before I remembered to take a before shot. Oops.

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It had a few (serious) condition issues, but it was such a cute thing, I couldn’t walk away.


A little wood glue, some clamps, and some wood filler, and we’re good to go!

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After sanding the wood filler, we were ready for paint.  Chalk paint of course. This will either sound vain or frugal… or both, but I much prefer mixing my own chalk paint over purchasing the expensive brands.  For one thing, I am an irrepressible mis-tint junkie!  I have an ever growing collection of mis-tinted paints, stains, and what-have-you.  This comes in handy, because when I figure out what direction I am going with a project, I want to get started NOW!  I can’t wait to make a trip to the valley to try to find the right color chalk paint.   I will provide my favorite recipe in my next post, promise!

during inside

Look how much brighter it looks inside already.

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Two coats over dark wood is usually sufficient if my mixture is right.  The beautiful bonus of using chalk paint is the rapid drying time!  I have no patience, so it’s the perfect medium for me.  I usually do a light sand in between coats just to smooth things a bit.  Then after the 2nd coat is dry, it’s time to DISTRESS!  Or de-stress depending on how your day is going…

drawer pull

Note distressing along the edges.

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One of my favorite things about chalk paint is that the destruction… I mean the distressing is soooo easy-peasy!  I just sand lightly with a medium grit sandpaper along all of the places where you would expect wear and tear on an older finish.  It’s pretty simple.  If you can’t get to it with a flat piece of sandpaper, chances are, it’s a spot that wouldn’t get chipped or worn naturally.  Almost foolproof!

Shabby Chic 'Katy' Drysink

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Okay, now I might just blow your mind… I am not a fan of waxes.  No sir, I don’t like them.  Too much work, honestly, and because I sell most of my projects in my store, I need them to be sorta hardy and up the abuse of customers picking things up and setting things back down all day long, sooooo… once I feel I have suitably destroyed my brand spankin’ new painted finish, I don’t wax, I poly.   Two to three coats of Minwax water based polyurethane finish in satin does the trick.  Now my piece is well protected and up to the challenge of shopper abuse.  And here’s the really weird thing – for some reason the poly finish ends up imparting a faint, aged yellowing sort of effect on the paint and I get that without the messy wax and exhausting rubbing!  And, HELLO?  Water-based means soap and water cleanup.  People, it doesn’t get better than that, now does it?

cabinet "handles"

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The crowning glory of this piece for me is the handles and pulls.  Do you know what they are??  If you said yes, then you’re either a farmer or an equestrian.  I found them at my favorite farmer’s in the valley.  She has a barn full of fun junque and salvage.  These are from old horse tack, and I dug around in the boxes until I found enough similar pieces to serve as hardware for the drysink.  I poly coated them and then attached with baling wire.  How ‘country’ is that?  I LOVE them!  How about you?

store scene

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So there is the story of the Katy Drysink.  This is currently available in my shop and online!  Please tell us what you think!  We love comments and questions!

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