Old Doors Transformed Into New Display

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Old Doors Transformed Into New Display!

Old Doors to New Display
Just a quick post to share my newest store display with you!  I started collecting doors about a year or so ago, with the idea that I wanted to make some sort of store display with them.  I finally sourced the last door a couple of weeks ago; a fabulous screen door from an old cottage somewhere here in Estes Park!  It’s red on one side and green on the other.  The woman I bought it from had already painted the stag head on the screen (made ya look, didn’t I?)  I saw no reason to change it!

The white door already had hinges on it, and with another set of hinges donated by my extraordinary employee, Michael, we put the three together and moved it into place!  Come spring, this sweet little alcove will probably be showcasing some fun and fabulous new finds for Baby!!

Stay tuned.  I’ll post a picture of the other side soon.


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  1. March 1, 2016    

    Each window serves as it s very own frame and holds a photo that represents part of our story. The story of Mark and I the story of our family. The very first photo is an engagement picture and the last one is of our two precious babies. This door now serves as a constant reminder of where we started, how far we ve come and how much further we get to go. Oh, and it s a coat rack

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