Headboard Using an Old Window Frame

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Headboard Using an Old Window Frame
8 pane window used as a faux headboard

It’s finally done!  My “headboard”.  We’ve been in this house over 2 years, since the flood forced our move, and in all that time, our bed has consisted of just a metal Hollywood bed frame with mattress & box springs.  We decided we kind of liked it that way and really didn’t want a regular bed with headboard and footboard.  But what to do about that big blank wall?  A year went by, and still nothing on the wall.  Hmmmm….

Aha!  I had this old 8-pane window frame in my store stock, and I had already decided that this was one that I would keep to do something with.  I just hadn’t decided what that something was… yet.
old window frameBut what to do about this missing window?  Replace it?  Nah.  Not really worth the time and effort.  And it certainly wouldn’t make sense to break the rest of them out.  Something needs to go there and maybe it’s not that imaginative, but the most obvious thing would be a chalkboard.
remove-glazingBefore I could even measure to cut a piece of wood for the chalkboard, I needed to remove the old glazing from the back of the window.  Most old windows that wind up in my store have chunks of putty just falling out every time you look at them!  Why couldn’t that be the case with the one where I actually want to remove the putty?  Sigh…  No flimsy putty knife was going to work here; I had to unleash some brutality on it.  So I took a wide wood chisel and with a combination of prying and some gentle tapping with a hammer, followed by some scraping, I finally managed to remove all the old putty from the one frame without breaking any of the other panes!  Can you hear the angels singing?
chalkboardI had a chunk of luan on hand that was only slightly larger that the window frame, so I painted it first, then cut it to fit my empty window frame.  If you’re new to chalkboard paint, I recommend no less than three coats, with a light sanding between coats.  This will give you a reasonably smooth surface for writing with chalk.  If you feel like doing more coats, what the heck, go for it.  I only have the patience for three.
1picunfinishedI tried a variety of hardware methods to hold the chalkboard in the frame, but that wood was so darn hard, I could not get anything to bite into it, so I gave up and ended up globbing a crapload of hot glue on the back!  It ain’t pretty, but you’re not looking at the back, now are you?  Now that I have the chalkboard installed, just what am I going to put on it?  A monogram seems apropos.  But the whole thing seems a little off balance with just the one black corner.  How about one of our first initials on the chalkboard and the other’s initial, cut from decorative paper, in the opposite corner?
'H'I like this, but I thought there would be more a shadow behind it to help it stand out.  So, I think at some point I will cut a “shadow” out of black cardstock to mount on the backside of the glass.  Just haven’t gotten around to it yet.  This is my initial.  Here is the hub’s initial on the chalkboard.
No, I did not freehand that.  I found a frilly foo-foo font that I liked for a C, and printed it out full size.  The I cut out parts of it and used it as a rudimentary stencil.  This got the basics on there, and I then did freehand the rest of it to fill it in.

I added several photos of us to the glass window panes using Tim Holtz Idea-Ology hinge clips attached right to the glass with glue dots.  I can change out these photos any time!
photoThis is the point where my most brilliant epiphany of this project takes place!  During the move of my inventory into it’s temporary storage limbo, I was packing up all of my lighted metal marquee letters, and realized that my lighted ampersand was the perfect finishing touch to bring the C & H together.  So I snagged one for myself.
daylightunfinishedYeah, I know the chalk letter isn’t there.  I hadn’t quite finished when I took this shot.  Give me a minute… okay… aaaaaand let’s pop some batteries into the ampersand….
Et voila!8 pane window used as a faux headboard
We hung it a little high to really consider it a “headboard”, but we didn’t want to be leaning against it if we were sitting up watching TV or reading.  We drilled holes in the frame to match where the studs were and then screwed it into the studs so it won’t fall on our heads and knock us out some night.  What do you think?

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