Gypsy Swing Allstars – Les Nouveaux Bohémiens

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Gypsy Swing Allstars – Les Nouveaux Bohémiens
Gypsy Swing Allstars - Les Nouveaux Bohémiens

This is it!  Gypsy Swing Allstars – Les Nouveaux Bohémiens is the music you’ve heard and loved in the store.  Vive la France!

Gypsy Swing is a vibrant meeting of American hot jazz and Gypsy melody which originated in 1930s France.  “Les Nouveaux Bohemiens” is a tribute to the timeless music of the legendary pre-World War II group, the Quintette du Hot Club de France.  Co-founded by guitarist Django Reinhardt and violinist Stéphane Grappelli, the Hot Club Quintette is credited with defining and popularizing Gypsy swing (or Gypsy jazz, as it is sometimes called).  At once easy to listen to and difficult to play, sophisticated yet spontaneous, Gypsy swing rapidly developed a strong and enthusiastic following, first in France, then among jazz fans worldwide. Traditional as 1935, yet as current as today, the music of Le Hot Club lives on.
Composed and produced by:  Marti Amado (Beanstalk Rising/BMI) and Josquin des Pres (Track Star Polyphonix / BMI).  Arranged by:  Marti Amado.  Mixed by Brett Weisman.  Guitars and Clarinets: John Jorgenson (Hellecasters, Elton John), Violin: Charlie Bisharat (Shadowfax), Upright Bass: Bob Magnusson (Sarah Vaughn, Linda Ronstadt), Drums Paul Kimbarrow (AJ Croce), Accordion: Sharon Whyte (Eve Selis Band).

Les Nouveaux Bohémiens CD – $16.95 Qty

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