Handmade Jams Jellies and Food

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Handmade Jams Jellies and Food

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These fantastic handmade foods are sure to tantalize your tastebuds!

Preserves From Colorado Mountain JamPreserves From Colorado Mountain Jam

What’s so special about Colorado Mountain Jam?  Unlike most mass production jam companies, we grow our own apricots, peaches, and plums. Our organic orchards are located in Palisade, Colorado, which, with its hot dry days and cool nights, produces some of the highest quality, best tasting fruit in America. We also buy the highest quality fruit from other growers who, just like us, are committed to the land. Our kitchen is located right in our apricot and plum orchard. That’s as fresh as fruit—and jams— can get!  The fruit is picked at the peak of ripeness when it is beginning to fall on its own from the trees. Because the fruit has been allowed to sun ripen on the trees to develop its full flavor naturally, the jams need minimal added sweetener. They contain one of the lowest…

Honey, Wine Jelly, Beer Belly Jelly From CMJHoney, Wine Jelly, Beer Belly Jelly From CMJ

No HFCS! No additives! Lavender Honey & Lavender Pear Jam are a perfect way to top your toast.  Or try them on ice cream for a special treat! Fine wine jellies made from the flagship wines of outstanding Colorado wineries. The wines from which we make Colorado Mountain Fine Wine Jellies are as distinct in taste as the landscapes in which the grapes grow. The grapes…


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