Embellish Your Story Magnetic Memo Boards

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Embellish Your Story Magnetic Memo Boards

emb-16-blk-memoemb-12-memo-board-pinkemb-28-memo-rustemb-sm-standing-galvanizedThere are so many bases to choose from!  Display your treasured memories as part of your home decor by starting with one of our many sizes, styles, and colors of bases.   Choose from 16″ square boards, or 12″ square boards in a variety of colors.  Or our 28″ long boards, and stand alone 6.5×8.5″ boards, which come in black, rust, or galvanized finish.

Customize your decor with Embellish Your Story Magnets!  It’s like a scrapbook you can display and change to fit your every whim!

Embellish Your Story is a one-of-a-kind way to celebrate and showcase the joys of family, friends, and traditions while decorating your personal space with a creative display. Start with one of our functional base pieces, such as a colorful memo board, an inspiring word, or the versatile Block Party basics. Then, embellish it to your heart’s content with personal photos and memorabilia, and our delightful assortment of playful and personable hand-painted magnetic shapes, frames, and words.

Customization is as quick as the click of a magnet. Creating a new look is as easy as a fresh idea.  Share your family’s hobbies with The Block Party magnets, or display your pride in your family with the new Family Tree and frame magnets!  There’s no end to the creative ways you can celebrate and display your most treasured memories!

Please call or email for current stock available!  Thanks!

16″ sq. Memo Board (left)- $26.95 Qty
12″ sq. Memo Board (ctr)- $19.95 Qty
28″ x 7″ Long Memo Out of Stock Qty
6.5″x8.5″ Standing (lwr left) – $12.95 Qty


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