Elk Hides

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Elk Hides

Elk HidesIt’s easy to decorate with a fine Elk Hide from The Mad Moose. Hang it on the wall or throw it over a sofa or bed! Also great as a wall hanging, for hats, garments or that craft project you’re working on. (Please allow 2-6 weeks for this item, depending upon availability.)

The finest quality is a must with any of our animal pelts.  All of our animal hides are harvested following strict Department of Wildlife guidelines, and are then handed off to our top notch tanners where they are tanned using the most advanced techniques in preservation & reproduction available today. This allows us to offer you the most supple, soft and beautiful pelts available. Ideal for decorative accents on your furniture, wall hangings, or any project imaginable!

Fur pelts consist of skin leather, guard hairs and under fur. The guard hairs are the long glossy hairs that overlay the shorter, denser under fur. The guard hairs help to repel moisture in addition to protecting the under fur from damage. The under fur primarily serves to insulate the skin, especially in cold climates. Hollow hair hides, such as elk, deer and caribou, rely more on the air space within each hair to create an insulation layer against the cold and weather.

Elk Hide – $495 Qty

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