Buckskin Deer Hide

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Buckskin Deer Hide

Buckskin Deer HideAdd a warm, rustic accent to your home, cottage or cabin with a genuine Buckskin (Deer Hide).  Quality buckskin that is gold in color, these deer hides are excellent for craft projects like moccasins and bags or as a wall hanging or decor accent piece. Most of these skins have a hole or two so may not be suitable for projects where you need large, perfect areas. Average size: 42-46 inches long x 35-40 inches across hindquarters. Sizes vary and are not guaranteed.

Our Buckskins are full hides with a smooth side and a suede side. The smooth side sometimes has a few drag marks or other scars which is normal because deer usually encounter barbed wire fences and other natural and man-made elements.

The finest quality is a must with any of our animal pelts.  All of our animal hides are harvested following strict Department of Wildlife guidelines, and are then handed off to our top notch tanners where they are tanned using the most advanced techniques in preservation & reproduction available today. This allows us to offer you the most supple, soft and beautiful pelts available. Ideal for decorative accents on your furniture, wall hangings, or any project imaginable!

Deer Hide (Buckskin) – $89 Qty

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