Carved Wood and Log Lighting

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Carved Wood and Log Lighting

 Twisted Juniper LampTwisted Juniper Lamp

Bring the free-form fantasy of nature into your home with a one-of-a-kind Twisted Juniper Table Lamp.  Each naturally unique piece of woodland art is different from the next, yet just…

Figured Aspen Table LampFigured Aspen Table Lamp

All of our Figured Aspen Table Lamps are handcrafted from unique woods that have been transformed by nature. Every piece of wood is handcut and each item is built by master craftsmen, handcrafted from Aspen wood that has been reclaimed from…

Twisted Juniper Floor Lamp with ShelfTwisted Juniper Floor Lamp with Shelf

The beautifully finished shelf table is perfect for using as a side table in your living area or to display your collectibles. Approx. 72 inches high to top of harp….

Ironwood Moose Table LampIronwood Moose Table Lamp

This marvelous Moose Ironwood Table Lamp is handcarved in dense Ironwood by descendants the Seri Indians of the Sonoran Desert. Approx. 28-30 inches high…

Elk Ironwood Table LampIronwood Elk Table Lamp

Desert Ironwood carvings are crafted from one of the most beautiful and densest hardwoods in the world. Wildlife carvings from this special wood are well known and widely collected. Known as the heaviest and densest wood on Earth, ironwood is…

Ironwood Bear Table LampIronwood Bear Table Lamp

The Seri men carve this dense, heavy hardwood into highly polished, finely detailed works of art, using only hand powered tools. Because of the time, skill and effort required to work the wood entirely by hand, these ironwood creations are becoming more rare and difficult to find…


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