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Hiking Sticks and Canes

Take a hike! No, really, you should get out and see the world. We’ll make it a little easier with this great bunch of sticks, staffs, canes and poles.


Hiking Sticks and CanesCanes and Sticks

Choose from any of our traditional hiking sticks, the 32 inch “Just for Kids” stick, the Wildlife Hickory Hiking Stick/Monopod, or our great selection of natural looking Walking Canes, which provide a stylish statement and a great looking alternative to conventional canes.  (See sizing instructions for hiking sticks and canes at the bottom of the page.)

All “Tracker” sticks come with an attached leather track identification strap.  The “Just for Kids” stick has an attached “Bear Bell”, to help keep track of little ones.

The Wildlife Hickory Hiking Stick/Monopod is a great tool for the outdoors. Unscrew the knob and your hiking stick becomes a Mono-Pod for your camera, binoculars or spotting scope! Some of the best wildlife and landscape photos are taken early in the day or just before sunset, when (because of the available light) slower shutter speeds create a real blur problem for cameras that are not on tripods.

Unfortunately most of us don’t bother to carry a heavy tri-pod on a hike – but many of us wouldn’t go anywhere without our hiking sticks. Here’s the solution. The mono-pod feature holds your camera steady for that perfect shot. Awesome! Each Wildlife Knob has the animal on one side and the paw-print of that animal on the opposite side (Eagle has eagle feathers on opposing side). Complete with long-life rubber tip, leather wrist strap, descriptive hang-tag.

56″ Hickory Hiking/Monopod
w/Moose Knob #1903 – $59.95
56″ Hickory Hiking/Monopod
w/Elk Knob #1901 – $59.95
37″ Sassafras Cane #1481 – $69.95 Qty
37″ Red Oak Cane #1482 – $69.95 Qty
37″ Hickory Cane #1483 – $69.95 Qty
36″ Sumac Root Cane #1411- $45.95 Qty
36″ Hawthorn Root Cane
#1413- $45.95
54″ Sassafras “Twizzle Twist” Tracker
Hiking Stick #4409 – $53.95
54″ Sassafras Tracker
Hiking Stick #2434 – $32.95
48″ Sassafras “Scout” Tracker
Hiking Stick #2432 – $29.95
32″ “Just for Kids” Hiking Stick
w/Bear Bell #2409 – Out of Stock

How To Choose The Right Size Stick

STICKS, POLES & STAFFS: when holding the hiking stick, pole or staff, your hand should rest comfortably with your forearm at a 90 degree angle. There should be 6-9″ of stick above your hand; you will need this extra room when hiking downhill!

CANES: When holding the cane, your elbow should be just slightly bent.

When in doubt, buy a longer stick! All of our sticks can be shortened by removing the rubber tip and sawing off what is not needed, then replacing the tip. But you can’t make a short stick longer!


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