Hand Crafted Finnish Hunting Knife

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Hand Crafted Finnish Hunting Knife

Finnish Hunting KnifeGo into the great outdoors with confidence by taking along a Hand Crafted Finnish Hunting Knife. Individually hand made with high grade stainless steel blades and visa wood handles, these knives can be kept razor sharp with a simple kitchen knife steel and will perform every task with minimal effort and maximum ease.  All knife cases are made from premium quality leather and are hand tooled. Hand crafted by artisans across Finland, these knives and are not readily available elsewhere in North America.

Finland is known for its high quality knives or “Puukko”. This reputation is built on solid workmanship using natural materials of the North. These materials include reindeer bone, antler and curly grained birch (known in Finland as “visa”), leather and reindeer fur. Not only large companies make knives. They are also made by talented individuals in their homes.

The craftsmanship is handed down from one generation to the next. Our suppliers have become closely acquainted with many of these talented people and have observed their skill in producing collector, hunting and fishing knives.

Nothing brings the natural warmth of rustic decor into your home, cottage or cabin like a long-lasting hunting knife from our great selection of Knives and Hiking Sticks.

Curly Birch 15cm Blade
Hunting Knife with
Hand-Tooled Sheath – $89.95

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