Antler Flatware Set

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5 Piece Antler Flatware Set

Antler Flatware Set 1antler flatware 2Dine in rustic elegance with this 5 Piece Antler Flatware Set. Made from stamped Sheffield Stainless steel and genuine naturally shed antler, these sets will set off your dinner table. Your choice of Crown End or Sliver Cap End Handles.

Show off your love of the outdoors with our incredible collection of antler bar accessories, flatware, dessert servers, cheese servers, desk accessories and more. Each item is hand crafted from authentic, naturally shed antlers that create just the right touch to your home, cottage or cabin.

Antlers are a truly renewable resource as all antlered animals (deer, caribou, elk, reindeer, etc) shed their antlers every spring and grow another set by late summer. Antler gathering has been a tradition among many families for generations. Every antler item hand crafted from genuine naturally shed North American antler is a truly renewable and eco-friendly product. Remember, no animals are ever harmed in the process of creating our beautiful antler accessories and gifts.

Please note:  Warranty is for workmanship defects and is for product replacement only.

5 Piece Antler
Place Setting
– $129.95


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