Alaskan Lynx Mount Sofa Table

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Alaskan Lynx Mount Sofa Table

Lynx Mount in Sofa Table, AlaskanLynx Mount in Sofa Table, Alaskan 2








This gorgeous Alaskan Lynx is mounted inside a beautifully handcrafted oak sofa table! This stunning mount will look great forever within the protection of this lighted case. This scene was crafted with true attention to detail. Every hair is just right! What a showpiece!

(Top of table lifts off.)

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The finest artistry and life-like appearance is a staple with any of our mounts.  All of our wolf mounts are harvested in full compliance with conservation management laws, following strict Department of Wildlife guidelines, and are then handed off to our top notch taxidermists where they are mounted.  These World Class artists use the most advanced techniques in preservation & reproduction available today. This allows us to sell brand new mounts at a great price, giving you decades of beauty without fear of fading or cracking that buying used mounts often brings.

Be sure to check out our other fine wildlife mounts in tables, as well as all our great naturally posed mounts from moose and bear to jackalopes and even skunks!  If you can’t find the rug or mount you’re looking for, call us at 1-866-906-6673.  We have a number of artists who can make up the mount you need.

Lynx Mount Sofa Table
– $3595

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