Pronghorn Antelope Head Mount

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Pronghorn Antelope Head MountAn icon of the Western plains, this Pronghorn Antelope Head Mount is the perfect accent for your “home on the range”!

The pronghorn antelope is not really an antelope, but the sole descendent of an ancient deer-like family. Pronghorns are the fastest mammals on foot in the Western Hemisphere, capable of sprints up to 97 kilometers (60 miles) per hour. They carry the only forked horns in the world, and the only horns that are shed annually. Both genders have horns although the male’s are much bigger than the female’s.

All of our Pronghorn Antelope Head Mounts are a snap to mount on your wall or fireplace.  Just hook the hanger attached to the back of the mount over a properly anchored large headed bolt, and you’re done!  No special hardware or wires are necessary.

The finest artistry and life-like appearance is a staple with any of our mounts.  Many of our large animal mounts are harvested by indigenous peoples of Alaska and Canada who hunt year round to feed their families, then sell the hide to our top notch taxidermists where they are mounted.  These World Class artists use the most advanced techniques in preservation & reproduction available today. This allows us to sell brand new mounts at a great price, giving you decades of beauty without fear of fading or cracking that buying used mounts often brings.

Be sure to check out our other fine wildlife mounts, from moose and bear to jackalopes and even skunks!  If you can’t find the rug or mount you’re looking for, call us at 1-866-906-6673.  We have a number of artists who can make up the mount you’ve been
looking for!

Pronghorn Antelope
Head Mount – $1195

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