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CBD Oil – It Works!  Users Tell Their Story!

Read about other’s experience with using CBD oil.
Feeling freedom!

“My autistic son has suffered from anxiety his entire life. His anxiety became completely crippling over the last year after he had a number of severely adverse reactions to prescription psychiatric medications. He lives alone, over an hour away from us. Faced with the prospect of hospitalization or at the very least, a move back home so we could take care of him, we were desperate. Our son wanted to remain independent. He deserved to remain independent. After working so hard to get to this point, and through no fault of his own, he was now unable to function without a nearly constant open telephone line between myself and him.”

“Having reached a pharmaceutical dead-end, we turned to CBD oil. Although it took a few months of trial and error to arrive at the optimal formulation and dosage. The results have been remarkable! I have gone from fielding 8-10 frantic phone calls per day, to where I sometimes have to call him just to reassure myself that he’s okay!  I honestly can’t imagine our lives without CBD oil.  It’s given our whole family a peace of mind we’ve never known!”

– Holly (EP, Colorado)


“That **** is working!  Thank you so much!”

– Jennifer (Overgaard, Arizona)


Receptra Pro is part of my morning routine. Every day I wake up and take a few droppers under my tongue. Within minutes I feel focused and ready to start my day. After Training I use the Targeted Topical on any areas that I stressed more than usual.”

Ian Heinisch, MMA Athlete


“I was skeptical, but I had to try something else. I gave Receptra a shot, and it changed my life.  One of the best decisions I’ve made!”

Bas Rutten, UFC Hallof Famer


“I notice that I get the most out of Receptra pure CBD oil when I take it routinely. At first it was tough to get into the groove. But after I took it for three days straight, I really noticed a difference in my recovery. I slept better, and woke up with a better attitude. I really think it helped push me through the slow days.”

Sean O’Malley, MMA Athlete




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