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Mule deer antler chandelier

Mule Deer [Antler Chandeliers] for Decoration | Mad Moose

mule deer antler chandelier

Exotic decoration like no other

Everyone will look up to your ceiling once you have a mule deer antler chandelier on your home. Mad Moose carries a large selection of natural Moose, Elk, and Mule Deer Antler Chandeliers. This is an exotic and one of a kind décor that will be a head turner wherever it’s installed.

Majestic centerpiece

Skip the typical and opt for the majestic! Mule deer antler chandelier pieces are majestic and each light is fixed with precision and style. Its classy look surpasses any synthetic and glass chandeliers that you can see in furniture shops. From antler lamps, fixtures, lamps, and chandeliers, Mad Moose is the place to be.

Authentic and handmade

Mad Moose only uses naturally shed and authentic antlers on their chandeliers. Each piece is examined for quality to ensure that it will last for years. Most of all, the lights are placed to look naturally breath-taking without wires, screws, and junction boxes that will ruin the view. Since it’s handmade, the antler chandelier is guaranteed to be exquisite.

rustic home decor

Mule deer antler chandelier that matches all styles

A mule deer antler chandelier from Mad Moose matches any style and theme. You can choose from large cascading antler chandelier or a single tier type depending on where you will install the piece. There are also optional rawhide shades that you can purchase as you please. You can choose from many moose and elk antler styles as well.

Competitive price for antler and deer lighting

No other seller offers antler chandeliers that Mad Moose has. For a very competitive price, you can already get a chandelier piece. The chandeliers come in different shapes, sizes, and shades to suit your taste.