All You Need is Love, Love is All You Need! Rustic Wedding Decorations

Heart garland among the birds

Book page heart garland draped around a lamp in my shop.

Hello Lovebirds!  At long last I am answering the many requests for this tutorial!  So many couples want these heart garlands for wedding decorations, but I’ve also had customers who just want to buy one for themselves.  I usually resist selling them because they don’t hold up well in transit.  I can occasionally be called on to produce a large quantity for delivery to a local wedding, but shipping them tends to be kind of hard on them, and they require large boxes.  So in answer to all your pleas, here is how to make these lovelies!

Old paper back books
Hot glue gun & glue
Paper trimmer (to cut straight strips!)

Wow!  That was a big list, huh?  I’ll bet you have all that on hand already, so here we go!
Cut strips of pages, then fold in 1/2

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Cut strips of paper from your book pages using the paper trimmer.  I cut mine between 1/4″ and 3/8″ wide.  It’s not an exact science; they don’t have to be perfectly all the same width, but the paper trimmer not only helps cut them straight, but also helps you keep them in the same ballpark for width!  After you have a nice pile of strips, fold them all in half, like you see in this picture above. Looking for more Rustic Wedding Ideas?  How about our amazing Antler Handled Cake Knives & Servers!  Find them HERE! Regretfully, I failed to take a picture of the next step, but you can get the idea from the picture below!  Put a dot of hot glue in the crease of one strip and pinch it together.  When the glue has set, pull the two sides of the strip around in the opposite direction of the pinched crease.  See below: Shaping heart fold down sides
Now, line up the ends to form the “point” of your heart.  Grab another strip to have ready while you hold that point together. pinching bottom together
Still holding?  Good, grab the glue gun and apply some glue to the edge of the point. glueing the tip
Sorry about my ugly glue gun!  This is one of my throwaways that I keep at the shop.  It’s been around the block a few times… For the next step, place the fresh gluey point of your heart into the crease of a new paper strip, and pinch it into the glue until set. squashing new heart onto point
It should look like this, and then you start over pulling your strips around and down and making another point, and so on!  Easy peasy, right?  When you have your garland as long as you would like it, just glue the last point together and you’re done! closeup2
Now make another one, and another… oh, they’re so easy now, you just can’t stop! among the bottles
Looking for more rustic wedding ideas?  How about our amazing antler handled cake knives and servers!  Find them HERE!

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