Outhouse Birdhouse

Outhouse Birdhouse

Outhouse BirdhouseOur humorous birdhouse makes a great gift!  Collectors and outhouse fans will love to hang this in the garden!

Complete with a fence and a stick perch, this makes a fine home for visitors to your yard.  This darling bathroom birdhouse even has a crescent moon cutout on the “door”.

These attractive wooden birdhouses make great decor, but they are also fully functioning houses for your feathered friends!   Each one features an opening panel to allow for clean out after the birdhouse has been used for a season.

They are painted wood, and as such should be placed in a sheltered area if used outside.  Expect some weathering to occur.

All of our “For The Birds” products have been carefully chosen for quality, beauty and value, to provide you with years of enjoyment!

Outhouse Birdhouse – $26.95 Qty
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