Natural Incense

Natural Incense

Makes Good Scents!

These natural incense scents and fragrance products have been made by the same family company for over 75 years!

Incense - CabinLog Cabin Incenses Burners with Incense

Little Log Cabin Incense Burners are a charming way to spread a pleasant scent throughout your home. The smoke rising from the chimney of this log cabin smells as fresh as the forest. Your choice of balsam fir incense, (smells just like Christmas!) or traditional Red Cedar scent. This charming miniature wooden log cabin is…

Balsam IncenseBalsam, Red Cedar and Pinon Pine Incense

Bring the aroma of the forest into your home, cabin or lodge with this great selection of natural Balsam, Red Cedar and Pinon Pine Incense. Balsam fir tips, aromatic red cedar wood, and the fresh, campfire scent of pinon pine wood have made this line of pure, natural, incense an American classic for over 75 years. The fragrant aroma of…


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